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Let's Get Blasted
Brandon Acker / 12.14.2021

The State of Titan Abrasive:
Continued Innovation + Brutal Supply Chain Issues

Titan blast room components, duct work, and pressure vessels waiting for the truck to ship out.

2021 was Titan Abrasive’s best year ever. We sold blast machines, dust collectors, blast cabinets and custom blast rooms to companies and organizations across the United States. All of us were stretched to the max: Sales, Engineering, Shipping / Receiving – and of course, Purchasing.

Like many of our manufacturing colleagues, we’ve struggled with supply chain problems. Even though we source all our components and steel in the United States, many companies don’t have the manpower to get material and products out the door.

The result is weeks and months of backlog. One supplier told us he didn’t even know when he could get our order out the door. Like I said, brutal. It’s very difficult to do business this way.

Lead times for blast rooms much longer – plan ahead

Foundries are having a heck of time finding employees. We’re still waiting on an order of valve castings that was placed in March. Our lead times, especially on blast rooms, are longer than they’ve ever been in our almost 70 years in business.

We’re doing everything we can to shorten them, including stocking as much inventory of long lead items as possible. Unfortunately, we’re not seeing any real relief. I expect the supply chain issues to continue into Q1 & Q2 of 2022.

If you’re serious about purchasing a blast room, please take into consideration the longer than normal lead times. If you’re looking to have a room installed in 2022, you’re going to want to get an order placed sooner rather than later. Please call to discuss or complete our RFQ form.

New Vacuum Reclaim System shipping Q1 2022

My goal, when I purchased Titan Abrasive from my uncle, who founded the company, was to completely redesign the entire product line.

I wanted to solve the challenges I saw in the blast cleaning industry – while offering a superior product. Brian Fox, our VP of Engineering, joined me in that challenge. In fact, he came to us because his former employer wouldn’t listen to his ideas about dust collectors.

We listened – and the redesigned nanofiber Cartridge Dust Collector was the result. In 2020, we introduced the Small Cartridge Dust Collector. We wanted a dust collector engineered specifically for our redesigned-from-the-ground-up Blast Cabinet, which we introduced in 2021.

In between, we’ve added smaller innovations: for example, LED lights now come standard in all blast rooms. And, we began offering Paint Booths from Global Finishing Systems.

Therefore, I’m very excited to announce that our completely redesigned Vacuum Media Reclaim System launches Q1 of 2022.

We put a lot of time and thought into correcting the wear issues that are common in these type of systems throughout the industry. Our new system has some features we’re very excited about and customers are going to love.

We continue to ship product

Despite the supply chain issues, and finding our own qualified employees, we continue to ship product out the door.

As you can see in the photo above, some days our facility is filled to the max with components, duct work, and pressure vessels sitting on pallets – whether waiting for the truck to go out or coming in from suppliers. It’s good to see so much activity.

All of us here at Titan Abrasive hope you’ve had a good year. We’re optimistic for an even better 2022. Happy New Year!

  • Brandon Acker: President

    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and founder in 2013. Titan has since redesigned its entire product line to solve dozens of industry challenges.

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    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and Titan founder, Bruce Maurer, in 2013 after spending five years learning the ins and outs of the business. He and VP of Engineering Brian Fox have completely redesigned the entire product line to solve the dozens of challenges that have plagued the blasting industry for decades.

    Brandon is passionate about American manufacturing, the jobs it creates, the quality produced, and the bright future that lies ahead. He’s a frequent guest on manufacturing podcasts where he shares his deep industry expertise. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University.