Cartridge Dust Collectors

Dust Collectors

Durable – Modular – Easy to Operate & Maintain

Titan Cartridge Dust Collector Series is the most affordable, versatile, high performance dust collector on the market today. Designed exclusively by Titan for abrasive blasting applications, these dust collectors provide the proper ventilation needed to assure maximum visibility, allowing the operator to work safely and productively.

The unique modular design adds flexibility and versatility to all your dust collection needs. Easily expand or reconfigure to meet your specific needs (frames, components and options can be added as needed). Standard internal abrasive wear inlets are bolt-in and can be easily replaced. External abrasive wear inlet and shorter legs can be added as needed at any time.

Down-time is also a thing of the past as the reverse pulse cleaning system momentarily reverses the flow of air through the filter element, knocking caked-on dust into the hopper or dust drum while the dust collector is in operation. Add a Photohelic gauge for optimized cleaning.

These dust collectors deliver maximum efficiency, require zero outside venting of air, and eliminate heated and cooled air loss – significantly reducing energy costs.

Benefits of Titan cartridge dust collectors

  • Captures dust-filled air, filters it, and returns the clean air to the plant
  • Delivers maximum efficiency and rugged durability
  • Requires zero outside venting of air
  • Eliminates heated and cooled air loss — significantly reducing energy costs
  • Modular Design — Versatile, expandable, reconfigure or upgrade as needed
  • Internal abrasive wear Inlets — Bolt-in and replaceable
  • Smaller footprint and overall height then leading competition
  • Options can be added at any time

Advanced NanoFiber Filtration Technology

  • Comes standard!
  • Allows for the filter to surface load, resulting in lower pressure drop, reduced pulse-cleaning cycles, and less wear and tear
  • Longer filter life means significant cost savings over time
  • Easily replaceable
  • Only cartridge on the market to receive a MERV 15 rating

Additional Options

  • Photohelic Gauge – Measures and controls differential pressure, providing fully automated cleaning and longer filter life; reduces system air consumption; factory installed — Let us know when you order!
  • Shorter Legs – For 5 gallon pail for low area conditions
  • Hopper Butterfly Valve Assembly – Upgrade to standard slide gate
  • External Abrasive Wear Inlet
  • Hazardous Condition Controls
  • Hazardous Condition Venting Door