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“Refurbishing motors for nuclear reactors is critical to our industry, and every piece of equipment used in the process has to perform exactly as planned — including the blast room. From every perspective — safety, functionality, and quality of the finished product — our new Titan blast room has been up to the task.”

Tony Wood
Pump and Operation Manager

“Since we specialize in the fabrication of pipe and structural components, painting and coating play a significant role in the operation of our business. A critical step in that process is the abrasive blasting that’s used to create an ideal surface for optimal paint adhesion. Our new Titan blast room and paint booth equipment brings both the blasting and painting processes up to an entirely new standard of quality and efficiency.”

Todd Miller
Bolt Construction

“I’ve used a Titan blast machine for 15 years. When it came time to purchase a new one, I bought a Titan machine. Why? They’re by far the best. Nothing else compares.”

Scott Rollo
Alpha Abrasive Blasting
Poughkeepsie, NY

“The 5700 abrasive regulator diagram made all the difference getting my blast pot up and running. The problem was so small that my brother and I missed it all together. Once we had the diagram, we put it back together and tested it out; it works like a dream. Thanks a lot Brandon. If we need any parts, Titan Abrasive will be the outfit we think about first.”

Gary Hamer
Mobile Sandblasting
Reeds, Missouri

“Before purchasing our Titan blast room, we were outsourcing product for blasting before it entered painting. Having it in-house will save four weeks of projected lead time versus. It’s also allowed us to quote new work that requires blast prepaint.”

Troy Deiss
Director of Operations
Morton Industries

“Thank you for answering my question about how many pounds per hour of abrasive our Titan blast cabinet uses. It is remarkably the quickest response I’ve ever received from a manufacturer. Thanks so much.”

Frederick Ennin
Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX)

“I did rather a bit of research into the blast cabinet world before deciding that your cabinets were not only made well, but made domestically. We’ve used other blasters, and a few international vendors, and have not been impressed with their quality.”

Charlie Dunlap
Advanced Prototype Engineering

“We had been looking to switch to steel grit to blast our piping, but it’s extremely expensive,” With our previous blasting material, we were buying pallet after pallet of bags every time we began a new job. With the addition of a reclaim system to our new Titan blast room, it’s now economically feasible for us to use steel grit. It produces a better profile on our piping, creates better paint adhesion, and, ultimately, a better-quality product.”

Noah Barrett
Maintenance Technician

“We’ve been using our Titan 4848 blast cabinet for a few weeks. You said your cabinets were high performance. You weren’t kidding. This thing is a beast!”

Chris Chadbourne
Plant Manager, Byron
OXBO International Corporation

“We’ve purchased (separately) two Titan 4848 blast cabinets. We’re enjoying them tremendously — they’ve changed how we blast.”

U.S. Air Force
Vance AFB, OK