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Blast Room Installation

Titan Abrasive provides turnkey blast room installation. Our expert installers come to your facility and completely set up your blast room and components, including media reclaim system and dust collectors.

Before installation, our engineers will work with you to design an engineered layout drawing showing the locations of electrical and air drops, as well as equipment and ductwork configurations.

Depending on the size and complexity of your blast room, it can take 4 – 12 days to install. See our Tech Tip, Preparing for a Blast Room Installation, for additional information.

The installation fee also includes training for all blast room operators as well as how to perform ongoing maintenance.

Blast Room Design and Engineering

Titan Abrasive specializes in the design and engineering of custom blast rooms to meet your unique application challenges.

To create your blast room, we perform extensive research to find the components that will best suit your application – as well as work one-on-one with your engineering department. We use SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD software and design everything in-house.

If we can’t find a component, such as the custom vacuum shut off switch required by one customer, we’ll design and fabricate it in-house.

Read how we’ve solved complex blast room challenges.

On-site Service and Repair

Titan Abrasive provides on-site service, repair and maintenance for all our blast equipment – worldwide.

Simply call us to set up a time, and one of our factory-trained technicians will come to your facility. In addition to repairing and maintain our own equipment, we make repairs on “the other guy’s” blast equipment as well.

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