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Paint Booths

Add a GFS Paint Booth to Your Abrasive Blast Process

GFS - Global Finishing Solutions

Once structures or vehicles are blasted, they need to be painted or coated.

To help you save time and installation costs, Titan now offers high-quality paint booths from Global Finishing Solutions (GFS).

Made in the USA

GFS paint booths are constructed from high-quality, 18-gauge, G90 galvanized sheet steel, with structural steel columns and beams for unbeatable structural integrity.

A GFS Side Downdraft Pressurized Large Equipment Paint Room

A GFS Side Downdraft Pressurized Large Equipment Paint Room

Beams are blasted by an automated system to remove any oxidation that may have occurred on their way to the GFS facility. Afterward, they are painted with non-carcinogenic paint and stored inside to ensure a rust-free finish.

All GFS paint booths are designed and constructed in the USA.


A GFS spray paint booth is the ideal addition to your custom engineered Titan Abrasive blast room.

GFS paint booths aren’t simply sheet metal boxes. Each one is expertly designed and engineered for superior performance and longevity.

CrossDraft Booths

The experienced team of GFS engineers and designers ensure all booths are structurally, mechanically and electronically sound and meet all industry and government standards so you can easily obtain permits, protect your capital investment, and keep your employees safe.

Code Compliant

GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths are perfect for industrial manufacturers and businesses looking for a safe, clean, code-compliant environment for painting large equipment, vehicles, and other products.

GFS spray booths are designed to meet all applicable International Fire Code (IFC) and NFPA codes for proper airflow and paint booth use. In addition, many booth components are ETL/ETL-C or UL/CUL listed.

A GFS Crossdraft Pressurized Paint Booth

A GFS Crossdraft Pressurized Paint Booth

Benefits of buying from Titan

One-stop shop – When designing your Titan Abrasive blast room, we can also work with GFS to engineer your paint room. You save time and money by working with one company and one dedicated engineer – and one RFQ.

Custom engineering – Whether you need side-by-side or end-to-end rooms, drive through doors, down-draft, side-draft, etc. we can ensure your spray paint booth solves your application challenge – and will provide flawless coverage for years to come.

Integrated installation – We’ll oversee the installation of your paint booth and your blast room, again saving you time and money. If needed, we’ll work with GFS to ensure any computer or software programming is correctly implemented. (Depending on paint room complexity, GFS will send a startup technician to the field to oversee installation.)

Lifelong Support

GFS paint booths are backed by their unmatched technical support team and field services staff for lifelong support.

To learn more about GFS Large Equipment Paint Booths, download the GFS product brochure.

Or, contact Titan Abrasive to talk with one of our engineers.