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Titan Ultrablast Blast Machines

The Foundation for Your Commercial Blasting

Designed and constructed for daily industrial blasting, Titan’s Ultrablast portable blast machines deliver unmatched durability and decades of reliable performance. 

The Titan Ultrablast difference starts with our heavy-duty cast iron valves:

  • Continuous, clog-free blasting using any media type
  • More uptime, significantly less downtime
  • Maximum cleaning speeds
  • Uniform surface texture and profile for improved bonding of coatings
  • Easy to maintain internal components

Our blast machines can be found wherever rugged blasting is required, from in-house blasting of jet engines, gas pipelines, and military vehicles to construction job sites such as buildings, bridges, roadways, and more. 

All Titan blast machines are 100% designed and manufactured in the USA – right down to the nozzles for the blast hoses.

Key Benefits

  • ASME coded pressure vessel
  • Non-clogging, cast iron abrasive regulator
  • Valves are easy to service or rebuild
  • Can be used with any media
  • Made in the USA

Choose Your Capacity:

  • Titan Abrasive U300 blast machine

    300 lbBest Value

    Starting at $5,995
    Free shipping
  • Titan Abrasive U600 blast machine

    600 lb

    Starting at $7,695
    Free shipping
  • Titan Abrasive U1000 blast machine

    1000 lb

    Starting at $10,745
    Free shipping


  • Choose between Pressure Release or Pressure Hold
  • Automatic fill seal – Pop-up valve
  • Large inspection door – For easy interior tank access
  • Mounted wheels – Portable to any location or job site
  • Heavy duty cast iron valves – Ensures long, dependable life
  • ASME coded pressure vessel – 150 psi working pressure
  • 1-1/4″ piping – Up to 50% more airflow compared to 1″ piping
  • Flexible pusher line – Guarantees airflow without pressure loss from elbows

Optional Add-Ons

  • 50’ blast hose with couplings
  • Tungsten carbide blast nozzle
  • Nova 3 respirator (Blast helmet)
  • Radex airline filter
  • 50′ breathing air supply hose
  • Double palm leather blasting gloves
  • Electric controls 
  • Pressure regulator
  • Moisture separator
  • Bag breaker
  • Umbrella