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Pre-Engineered Blast Room Packages

Affordable, complete systems

To keep costs low for you, these blast room packages can’t be customized. If you need something changed, see our Custom Blast Rooms. You can install the system yourself or have Titan do it. 

Blast Room Packages are available for order. Lead times range from 12 – 14 weeks on receipt of PO and deposit.

Key Benefits

  • Complete high-end system, including blast machine and reclaim system
  • Meticulously engineered and manufactured
  • Super smart engineers with industry expertise
  • Economical alternative to our Custom Blast Room
  • Made in the USA

Available Packages

  • Titan Abrasive 10x10x10-blast-room-package

    10’x10’x10’ Blast Room Package: Vacuum Reclaim System

    Payments $1,985 per month
  • Titan Abrasive 10x10x15-blast-room-vacuum-package

    10’x10’x15’ Blast Room Package: Vacuum Reclaim System

    Payments $2,083 per month
  • Titan Abrasive 10x10x15-blast-room-mechanical-reclaim-package

    10’x10’x15’ Blast Room Package: Mechanical Reclaim System

    Payments $2,632 per month
  • Titan Abrasive 15x10x25-blast-room-package

    15’x10’x25’ Blast Room Package: Vacuum Reclaim System

    Payments $2,716 per month

What’s Included with Each Package


  • Complies with all Federal, OSHA, and NFPA regulations
  • Easy to assemble flanged bolt-together galvanized 14-gauge steel panels
  • I-beam support structure for maximum durability and safety
  • Rear access, six tube, 48-inch LED blast lights with a Lexan polycarbonate lens
  • Baffled air inlet louvers
  • Safety door limit switches that stop the blasting operation when booth doors are opened
  • Personnel door

Media Reclaim System

  • One of two styles (depending on package):
    • Pneumatic – Vacuum
      • Cyclone separator recovers usable media; dust and broken-down media is drawn out by dust collector
      • For lightweight media
    • Mechanical – Bucket Elevator
      • Air-wash separators, vibrating screens or rotary drum, to clean and classify media
      • For high-production environments 

Cartridge Dust Collector

  • Captures dust-filled air, filters it, and returns the clean air to the plant
  • Delivers maximum efficiency and rugged durability
  • Requires zero outside venting of air
  • Eliminates heated and cooled air loss — significantly reducing energy costs
  • Internal abrasive wear inlets — bolt-in and replaceable
  • Smaller footprint and overall height than the leading competition

Blast Machine

  • 6 cubic foot blast machine
  • Choose between Pressure Release or Pressure Hold models
  • 24VDC low voltage controls for blast room applications
  • Heavy-duty cast iron valves
  • 50’ blast hose with couplings
  • Blast nozzle

Control Panel

  • Single-point connection (available in 208, 230 or 460 volt 3-phase)
  • NEMA-rated enclosure
  • Magnetic motor starters
  • Start/Stop buttons for motor starters
  • Fused disconnects
  • Light switch
  • Safety door interlocks with delay timer
  • System operating lights
  • Door mount disconnect switch
  • 24VDC power supply for blast system

Optional Add-Ons

  • Rubber lining
  • Steel plate – for blast room floor
  • Photohelic gauge – for dust collector
  • Operator safety equipment
  • Ductwork