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Blast Cabinets

Titan Abrasive heavy duty blast cabinets

High-performance, forward-thinking design

In the making for over two years, Titan introduced its completely redesigned abrasive blast cabinet in 2021.

Everything about this blast cabinet was rethought and redesigned, including its robust structural steel frame, double-panel doors that will not leak or warp, and our patented LED window frame light that eliminates shadows.

Titan’s heavy-duty, industrial blast cabinet delivers high performance, reduced operating costs, and improved productivity — all in a user-friendly design.

A Complete System 

The Titan abrasive blast cabinet line comes complete with:

  • Our own Small Cartridge Dust Collector designed specifically for this blast cabinet
  • Adjustable Media Reclaim System
  • 3 cubic foot pressure vessel with 1 ¼” piping
  • Made in the USA

TITAN EXCLUSIVERugged Structural Steel Frame 

The first of its kind, Titan’s blast cabinet is built to withstand day-to-day abuse, including forklifts.

The rugged structural steel frame won’t bend, fold, or twist.

Competitor models with sheet metal legs will look at the Titan blast cabinet legs and weep.


  • All Titan blast cabinet come standard with two rigid, steel channel, double panel doors with knife edge.
  • Doors will not leak or warp!
  • Designed with productivity – and ease of use – in mind.
  • Lift-off hinges allow for fast on-off door removal – eliminating troublesome welded hinges.
  • Full-opening doors maximize work chamber capacity and ease loading of larger parts.
  • Self-adjusting dual door latches lock at two points – enabling a perfect, dust-free seal every time.
  • See the doors in action


  • All Titan blast cabinets come standard with LED lights around the window frame, outside of the blast environment
  • Aids visibility while blasting
  • Eliminates work surface shadows
  • Provides exceptionally bright work area
  • Reduces energy costs
  • Inlet air keeps the viewing window clear during operation
  • When the glass needs replacing due to pitting, simply unscrew the knobs, pop off the frame, and insert a new window

TITAN EXCLUSIVESafety Door Proximity Sensors

  • All Titan blast cabinets come standard with safety door interlocks with proximity sensors. 
  • No more chunks of rubber “cheese” to seal off the air hole.
  • Electric proximity sensors detect if the blast cabinet doors are shut properly.
  • If the cabinet doors are not correctly shut, the operator can’t blast.

TITAN EXCLUSIVEBolt-in Floor Supports

  • All Titan blast cabinets have floor supports bolted-in versus welded
  • The inside of a blast cabinet takes a beating and after 10 years or so, parts need replacing, such as the metal floor and floor supports
  • Parts replacement is a breeze

TITAN EXCLUSIVE100% Electric Controls

  • All Titan blast cabinets come standard with electric controls 
  • Fastest response time
  • The days of troubleshooting air leaks or waiting for pneumatic controls to build pressure are over

TITAN EXCLUSIVERemovable Lifting Bars

  • All Titan blast cabinets come with removable lifting bars.
  • Makes moving a blast cabinet using a forklift easy.
  • Simply slide the bars into the structural steel frame before lifting – no more crunched cone!
  • See the bars in action

Customizable Control Panel

  • Standard controls include on/off switch, minihelic pressure gauge, and LED lights dimmer.
  • Removable control panel plates allow you to easily add other controls, e.g. remote pressure regulator, photohelic gauge, etc.
  • Located at the top of the machine so it’s easy to look up and see the gauges during operation.

Easy Change Gloves

  • No more getting dirty when changing gloves 
  • Titan’s removable 10” glove rings allow glove changes from outside the cabinet 
  • Simply unscrew the rings to pull out the entire assembly 
  • The ring is made of metal versus plastic for years of trouble-free use

Moveable Foot Pedal

  • Instead of being attached to the machine or frame, the Titan foot pedal rests on the floor.
  • Place it where it best suits you.
  • Comes with safety guard.

Standard Features

  • 3 cu ft pressure vessel
  • LED window frame light
  • 12-gauge all-welded steel construction – for decades of uncompromised use
  • Heavy-duty cast iron valves that don’t clog
  • Boron carbide blast nozzle
  • Pressure regulator and moisture separator
  • Blow-off gun
  • 3/16” perforated reinforced floor

Custom Options

  • Titan’s unique design allows for additional options that can be added as part of the original RFQ or post-purchase.
  • Bolt two cabinets together to create a longer blast cabinet – and eliminate having to buy two complete systems; this can be done at the factory or by the customer.
  • Add a vertical door that slides up and down on a pneumatic cylinder.
  • Add a custom-sealed opening in a door to accommodate longer parts (e.g. blasting ends of a long pipe or steel).


ModelInterior DimensionsOverall DimensionsDoor OpeningNumber of DoorsPressure Vessel SizeReclaimer Ventilation RateFan HPPricePayments as low as
383838″ W x 38″ D x 38″ H46″ x 40″ x 78″35″ H x 34″ W23 cu ft600 CFM1.5$39,995$553/month
483848″ W x 38″ D x 38″ H56″ x 40″ x 78″35″ H x 34″ W23 cu ft600 CFM1.5$42,995$583/month
484848″ W x 48″ D x 38″H56″ x 50″ x 78″35″ H x 42″ W23 cu ft900 CFM3$47,995$594/month
604860″ W x 48″ D x 38″ H68″ x 50″ x 78″35″ H x 42″ W23 cu ft900 CFM3$52,995$623/month
606060″ W x 60″ D x 50″ H68″ x 62″ x 86″47″ H x 54″ W23 cu ft1200 CFM5$57,995$665/month
titan abrasive blast cabinet with patented LED window frame light

The Last Blast Cabinet You’ll Ever Need to Buy

Starting at $39,995 USD