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  • Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast / 04.23.2024

    From Vision to Reality: Brandon Acker’s Journey to ‘Made in America’

    Brandon Acker discusses his journey of achieving the “Made in America” designation for Titan Abrasive — a strategic decision that has revolutionized lead times, fostered innovation within the Titan team, and reshaped the landscape of manufacturing.
  • Paintings & Coatings Industry / 03.26.2024

    Abrasive Blasting DIY: The Benefits of an In-House Blasting Operation

    Brandon Acker discusses the considerations of what needs to be examined before making the decision between bringing a blasting operation in-house or continuing to use outside sources.
  • Nuclear Engineering International (magazine) / 02.08.2024

    Framatone Boosts Blasting Operations

    Installing a new blast room has allowed Framatone to improve safety while cutting costs at its US pump and motor center.
  • Press Releases / 02.05.2024

    N.W. Metal Fabricators Purchases Titan Blast Room and Equipment for Modern Facility

    The new efficient blast room will be in line with a new modern facility being built.
  • Press Releases / 01.15.2024

    LIUNA Training of Michigan Purchases First-Ever Blast Room from Titan Abrasive Systems

    The new blast room will be used for training both veteran laborers and apprentices in all aspects of pipeline work.
  • IndustrialTalk Podcast / 01.02.2024

    Interview: “Made in the USA – Is it worth the effort?”

    Scott MacKenzie interviews Brandon Acker to discuss the importance of “Made in USA” and the steps involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Products Finishing / 12.14.2023

    Bolt Construction Adds Titan Equipment to Painting and Coating Operation

    The blast room and paint booth will provide upgrades in both processes at Bolt Construction.
  • Press Releases / 12.07.2023

    Bolt Construction Adds Titan Equipment to Painting and Coating Operation

    New blast room and paint booth will provide significant upgrade in both processes -- and help Bolt generate additional revenue streams.
  • Tube & Pipe Journal / 12.07.2023

    Bolt Construction adds Titan equipment to painting, coating operation

    Bolt Construction Inc., a general contractor specializing in pipe fabrication and plant construction, is adding a fully equipped Titan Abrasive blast room and paint booth to its headquarters in Youngstown, Ohio.
  • Aerospace Manufacturing & Design / 10.11.2023

    Abrasive Blasting DIY (Do It Yourself)

    Brandon Acker explains the benefits of moving your abrasive blasting tasks in-house, including reduced lead times and cost savings.
  • Products Finishing / 09.06.2023

    Best Practices for Blast Room Maintenance

    A high-quality blast room is a large investment. Brandon Acker discusses proper care for your blasting equipment.
  • The Fabricator / 08.31.2023

    Blast room helps pipe fabrication shop handle increased product sizes

    A case study outlining the challenge Titan Abrasive solved with a custom blast room for NuWeld.
  • Finishing & Coating / 07.18.2023

    Titan Celebrates 70 Years of Abrasive Success

    As Titan Abrasive Systems approaches its 70th birthday on August 1, President Brandon Acker has adopted an unofficial tagline that informs people of what the company does while also calling for a celebration of Titan’s seven decades in business: “Let’s Get Blasted!”
  • Manufacturing News / 07.07.2023

    Morton Industries Purchases First Blast Room

    Morton Industries wanted to bring its abrasive blasting operation in-house to reduce lead times on product delivery. Their new Titan Blast Room helps them do that, while allowing the company to quote work they would have passed on before.
  • Tube & Pipe Journal / 06.10.2023

    Morton Industries installs blast room from Titan Abrasive Systems

    Morton is using the blast room to blast engine carrier tubes used in the mining and agriculture industry.
  • Finishing & Coating / 04.28.2023

    Proper Ductwork Helps Abrasive Blasting Process Flow More Smoothly

    Ducks are all pretty much the same. Ducts are not. Check out this article in Coating and Finishing Magazine to learn why the right ductwork is so critical to your abrasive blasting operation.
  • Aerospace Manufacturing and Design / 03.31.2023

    Selecting Blast Media

    Brandon Acker discusses why it can be a hard (or soft) choice.
  • IndustryWeek / 03.26.2023

    Is ‘Made in USA’ Worth the Cost and Effort?

    The certification is great in theory, but tough to execute. Brandon Acker lists the 10 factors to consider.
  • Press Releases / 03.19.2023

    Morton Industries Purchases First-Ever Blast Room

    Bringing blasting process in-house will shave four weeks off product-delivery time; Allows Morton to quote new blast pre-paint jobs.
  • Coatings Pro Magazine / 01.31.2023

    Keys to Success with Abrasive Blasting

    Brandon Acker, president of Titan Abrasive Systems, discusses key criteria for contractors and other users to consider as they evaluate blast media, blasting equipment, and other elements of the blasting process for surface preparation.
  • Manufacturing Unscripted Podcast / 01.30.2023

    Interview with Brandon Acker

    Brandon Acker joins hosts Matthew Rall and Lauren Rall to discuss abrasive blasting and how it has changed over time. Brandon goes into detail about how the regulations have changed making abrasive blasting better for the consumers and the workers. He also describes the different types of blasting materials and the types of applications for which they’re used.
  • The U.S. Workforce Manufacturing podcast / 01.26.2023

    What Does It Mean to Be “Made in the USA?”

    In this episode, you will find out what makes an American manufacturer ‘the real deal’ from no one better than the CEO of Titan Abrasive Systems, Brandon Acker. He shares the standards Titan Abrasive follows in order to label our abrasive sandblasting equipment as ‘Made in the U.S.A’ and the costs associated in terms of labor and materials.
  • Manufacturing News / 11.01.2022

    Fab-Tek: Customized Blast Room

    In this episode, you will find out what makes an American manufacturer ‘the real deal’ from no one better than the CEO of Titan Abrasive Systems, Brandon Acker. He shares the standards Titan Abrasive follows in order to label our abrasive sandblasting equipment as ‘Made in the U.S.A’ and the costs associated in terms of labor and materials.
  • Coat it! / 09.27.2022

    How Important is Abrasive Blasting in the Coatings Industry?

    Abrasive blasting plays a critical role in the coatings and finishing industries. Many people understand the role to some extent, but don’t know just how important it is, or the quality issues that can arise if it isn’t done correctly. In this podcast, Brandon Acker discusses the quality issues that can arise if abrasive blasting is performed incorrectly, as well as the different types of equipment used for this process.
  • Powder Coater Podcast / 09.14.2022

    Episode 50 – Reclaim Your Blast Media with Aloha

    Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive, talks about blasting, specifically reclaim systems. It’s a topic not discussed before, so get ready to level up your powder coater game!
  • The Manufacturing Executive / 09.13.2022

    What Does Made in America Mean to You?

    In this episode, Brandon Acker talks about what being “made in America” means and the benefits of sourcing components that are made in the USA.
  • Products Finishing / 09.05.2022

    Reclaim Systems Recover Blast Media (and Dollars)

    Thinking of investing in a blasting media reclaim system? Brandon Acker of Titan Abrasive Systems offers advice for choosing the right system for your operation.
  • Press Release / 08.30.2022

    Titan Abrasive Systems to Provide NuWeld With First Blast Room

    IVYLAND, PA (August 30, 2022) – Titan Abrasive Systems announces the purchase of one of its custom blast rooms by NuWeld, Inc.
  • Manufacturing Talk Radio / 08.10.2022

    Episode 697: Amazing Ways Abrasives are Used

    Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive Systems, chats about the often overlooked ways abrasives are used in manufacturing, from military vehicles and airplanes to the tips of hypodermic needles, safe uses of abrasives, types of abrasives, and their importance in the adhesion of finishes.
  • Aerospace Manufacturing / 07.25.2022

    Abrasives ready for blast-off!

    With the cost of new aircraft more prohibitive than ever, refurbishing existing aircraft has become much more popular. Aerospace Manufacturing Features writer Mike Richardson discusses why airlines are refurbishing older aircraft — and how Titan Abrasive’s blasting systems play a key role.
  • Food Engineering / 07.22.2022

    Titan Abrasive Delivers Newer, More Powerful Blast Room to Fab-Tek

    Titan Abrasive Systems has announced the purchase of a new, upgraded blast room by Fab-Tek of Central Mississippi, a leader in metal fabrication and machining.
  • Press Release / 07.15.2022

    Titan Abrasive Delivers Newer, More Powerful Blast Room to Fab-Tek

    IVYLAND, PA (July 12, 2022) – Titan Abrasive Systems has announced the purchase of a new, upgraded blast room by Fab-Tek of Central Mississippi, a leader in metal fabrication and machining.
  • Manufacturing Talks / 07.05.2022

    Interview with Jim Vinoski

    Sandblasting and surface preparation are critical processes in lots of manufacturing operations, but you just don’t hear too much about them. Says Jim Vinoski, “It was really cool to have Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive Systems, on to tell us all about the basics of the systems his company makes to do just that, and to share the latest and greatest in surface prep technology.”
  • Product Finishing / 05.17.2022

    On the Line podcast: Blasting Best Practices

    Product Finishing Editor in Chief Scott Francis talks to Titan Abrasive President Brandon Acker about surface preparation and the role of abrasive blasting. Lots of great info here in this 20 minute discussion.
  • Press Release / 04.14.2022

    Titan Abrasive Creates Customized Blast Room For Framatome’s N.A. Headquarters

    IVYLAND, PA (March 24, 2022) – Titan Abrasive Systems announced the purchase of a highly customized blast room by Framatome, an international leader in nuclear energy.
  • Tech Company News / 03.17.2022

    Titan Abrasive Designs and Manufactures Quality Surface Preparation, Surface Finishing, and Sandblasting Equipment at an Affordable Price

    Tech Company News editor interviews Titan Abrasive President Brandon Acker. In this interview, they discuss what makes Titan Abrasive different and other information you may not know.
  • Foundry Management & Technology / 02.14.2022

    Blast Cabinet with Integrated Lifting Bars

    New Products Feature: Lifting bars make it possible for a forklift to gain a firm hold, keeping the tines away from the cone, and minimize the chance of damage to a cabinet’s steel frame during moving or positioning.
  • Press Release / 02.09.2022

    Titan Adds Exclusive Lifting Bars to Industry-Leading Blast Cabinet

    WARMINSTER, PA (February 8, 2022) – Damage from forklifts is a thing of the past with bars added to steel frame.
  • FF Journal / 02.09.2022

    Titan Adds Lifting Bars to Blast Cabinet

    Quite often, a blast cabinet has to be moved to a different part of a plant or facility using a forklift. The problem? Due to the flimsy sheet metal used to construct the legs on most blast cabinets, they are extremely susceptible to forklift damage, whether it’s bent legs, crushed cones, or general destruction.
  • New Products for Engineers / 02.09.2022

    Blast Cabinet with Handling Bars

    With the addition of the company’s exclusive new lifting bars, the chances of forklift damage to the cabinet is virtually eliminated.
  • Products Finishing / 02.09.2022

    Updated Blast Cabinet Designed to Eliminate Forklift Damage

    Titan Abrasive Systems’ blast cabinet features new lifting bars that are slid into the structural steel frame before lifting the cabinet, which gives the forklift a secure hold and keeps the tines away from the vulnerable cone. — Chris Pasion, Asst. Editor
  • Enterprise Podcast Network / 02.08.2022

    Titan Abrasive is Having a Blast

    Producer Eric Dye interviews CEO Brandon Acker about blasting equipment, the markets that use abrasive blast equipment, and how Titan competes in “the land of the giants.”

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