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Press Release / 08.30.2022

Titan Abrasive Systems to Provide NuWeld With First Blast Room

Company Will Produce Higher-Quality Profiling on a Variety of Items; Will Also Be Able to Reclaim Media for Significant Cost Savings

IVYLAND, PA (August 30, 2022) – Titan Abrasive Systems, a premier designer and manufacturer of quality surface preparation, surface finishing, and sandblasting equipment, announces the purchase of one of its custom blast rooms by NuWeld, Inc.

NuWeld’s first-ever blast room will be used to profile the piping that NuWeld fabricates for its gas company customers, preparing it for painting. The blast room, along with new blasting equipment, will allow NuWeld to significantly increase productivity. This is critical, not only because the company has increased its blasting workload through the acquisition of new customers, but also because the piping, which used to be no more than 1-2 inches in diameter, has grown to 24 inches; greater diameters mean more surface area, thus more blasting.

Titan is also providing a reclaim system with the room — an auger system with bucket elevator. This will also allow NuWeld to recover the blast media, a task that was previously impossible in the makeshift area of the facility in which the blasting was being performed.

According to Noah Barrett, a NuWeld maintenance technician, the ability to recover blast media leads to several advantages.

“We’ve been looking to switch to steel grit to blast our piping, but it’s extremely expensive,” he noted. “When you’re not recovering it, it’s simply impractical to use it. However, with the addition of the reclaim system to the Titan Blast Room, it’s now economically feasible for us to use the steel grit, which will produce a much better profile on our piping, create better paint adhesion, and ultimately generate a better-quality product.”

After blasting and painting, the piping is brought back to the site where NuWeld personnel hook it up to gas production units — units that the company also restores in house when necessary. In fact, not only does NuWeld blast these gas production units, but they are also certified to fabricate pressure vessels, water tanks, and burner units – all of which will eventually be blasted in the Titan room and painted. The Titan blast room also provides a larger, more organized area to handle these massive pieces than the previous, more restricted area – especially the 24-inch piping.

The Titan Blast Room is going to be busy the second it’s installed. “We expect to keep the blast room full virtually all of the time,” noted Barrett. “And with the reclaim system, we can just keep blasting away. There’ll be nothing to slow down production.”

Currently, NuWeld is renovating the area that will accommodate the auger pit, support walls, and other elements of the blast room. It is expected to be operational by September 2022.

About NuWeld, Inc.

Headquartered in Williamsport, PA, NuWeld offers a variety of custom, specialized mechanical, structural and piping services both shop and field that we have provided for over 20 years. We offer full service pipe, structural and custom steel shop fabrication and field installation including industrial coatings, testing, complete documentation, Process Engineering and full QA/QC programs. Our qualified team has completed many projects in our 211,000 square foot fabrication facility, including nuclear, commercial, industrial, DOT and safety related projects, and in the field from supporting the Marcellus/Utica Shale infrastructure to nuclear shut-downs and commercial projects. NuWeld holds certifications “S” and “U” stamps from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and “NB” and “R” certifications from the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors all for the construction and repairs of pressure vessels and power boilers.

About Titan Abrasive Systems

Founded in 1953, Titan Abrasive designs and manufactures quality surface preparation, surface finishing and sandblasting equipment at an affordable price. In fact, Titan is the industry’s only manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment to sell directly to their customers, resulting in significant savings.

Media Contact

To book Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive, for an exclusive interview or as a podcast guest, please contact Art Sesnovich, Bulldog Communications, at 508-485-0776 or email