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Press Releases / 06.11.2024

Titan Abrasive Systems Provides MRAS With New Blast Room for Upgraded MRO Operation

Complete Room, Including Reclaimer and Blasting Equipment, Provides Major Enhancement of Company’s Expanding MRO Capabilities

IVYLAND, PA (June 11, 2024) – Titan Abrasive Systems, a premier designer and manufacturer of quality surface preparation, surface finishing, and sandblasting equipment, announces the purchase of a fully-equipped blast room by Middle River Aerostructure Systems (MRAS), a world-leading manufacturer of thrust reversers, engine nacelle components, and specialized aerostructures.

The Titan Blast Room – the second room purchased by MRAS – will deliver a significant boost to the company’s expanding MRO process. This expansion began in 2021 with the construction of a dedicated 60,000-square-foot workshop at the company’s Middle River, Maryland headquarters, with additional surface extension available to accommodate further growth. The FAA-certified facility also included a multi-million-dollar investment in tooling, machinery, and systems.

One of the new systems was a Titan Blast Room – a complete system that includes a Cartridge Dust Collector with HEPA Filter, Vacuum Media Reclaim System, and blasting equipment. The system, which was just brought online in July, is integral in the refurbishment of components from the company’s commercial airline customers. Before engaging in the actual repair work, the Titan equipment is used to remove the top coat of paint and primers from the surfaces of nacelles and thrust reversers from the largest, highest-thrust engines.

MRAS is using a plastic-based media for blasting, which leaves a solid profile for repainting but doesn’t damage the component’s structure. A new coat of primer is then applied, after which the component is returned to the customer for reassembly (Middle River doesn’t do top coats yet but expects that it will soon.)

Russ Mobley, an independent Facilities Project Engineer for Middle River, oversaw the construction of the new workshop, as well as the installation of the Titan Blast Room. He is not only pleased with the operation of the room (it’s operating at 100% capacity), he is excited about the future business the room can accommodate.

“At over 30 feet wide, the Titan Blast Room is well-sized for the future,” he noted. “Our ultimate goal is to be able to handle very large nacelles, like the ones from Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner. What’s more, we’ll be getting into components involved in flight control like flaps, as well as wing structure.

“With the Titan Blast Room at our disposal, the sky is literally the limit in terms of business we can handle.”

MRAS’ other blast room, also from Titan, is located in the company’s production shop. It is used to prepare new parts for bonding. In this blast room, however, MRAS does not reclaim its blast media.

About Middle River Aerostructure Systems

Middle River Aerostructure Systems is a world-leading manufacturer of thrust reversers (the braking system on a jet engine), engine nacelle components and specialized aerostructures. It supplies and supports these products for engine makers, airplane manufacturers and aircraft operators. Located on Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay near Baltimore, MRAS has a 1-million sq. ft. facility situated on 180 acres – where the company and its predecessors have designed, built and equipped civil and military aircraft for more than 90 years. In 2019, MRAS was acquired by ST Engineering North America, the U.S. affiliate of Singapore-based ST Engineering – becoming a part of its global network of aerospace facilities and offices. With the ownership change, the company was renamed Middle River Aerostructure Systems. For more information, visit

About Titan Abrasive Systems

Founded in 1953, Titan Abrasive designs and manufactures quality surface preparation, surface finishing and sandblasting equipment at an affordable price. In fact, Titan is the industry’s only manufacturer of abrasive blasting equipment to sell directly to their customers, resulting in significant savings. The company’s client base ranges from industry giants such as GE Aviation, the United States Army, and Lockheed-Martin to small businesses across the country in a wide spectrum of vertical markets. Titan prides itself on exceptional customer service, innovative engineering, and on-the-ground installers who ensure that the company’s blast rooms, blast cabinets, and other components are properly installed and working to peak efficiency. For more information, visit

Media Contact

To book Brandon Acker, President of Titan Abrasive, for an exclusive interview or as a podcast guest, please contact Art Sesnovich, Bulldog Communications, at 508-485-0776 or email