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Titan Abrasive Systems maintains great pride in manufacturing quality media blasting equipment at an affordable price. Since 1953, Titan has been manufacturing an extensive line of made-in-the-USA sandblasting equipment. We specialize in high quality industrial blast cabinets, blast rooms, portable sandblast machines, media recovery systems and dust collectors at a fraction of the price of the competition. Our online parts department can handle all your abrasive blasting parts requirements. From blast hose, dust collector filter cartridges, deadman switches, ball and stems, or sandblast cabinet gloves...and more. Titan carries it all !!

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    Steve Dannon - customer

  • I was able to get the part I needed without being dicked around and I appreciate the service. I have your site bookmarked for future business.

    Andy Rackman - customer

  • I'm sort of new to this business so I really appreciate the helpful support and special little tips you have given me in the past. Thanks again guys.

    Cody Sadler - customer

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