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Brandon Acker / 07.02.2024

Seven Custom Options You Can Add to Your Titan Industrial Blast Cabinet

We designed the Titan Blast Cabinet to be the last one you’ll ever buy. However, if you’re blasting longer parts, need to modify the control panel, or have cross-contamination issues to consider, we can accommodate you.

These custom options can be added to your cabinet as part of the original RFQ or post-purchase.

Two cabinets bolted together – Create a longer blast cabinet by bolting two blast cabinets together. The joined cabinets use the same 3 cubic foot pressure vessel, media reclaim system, and Titan’s Small Cartridge Dust Collector – eliminating having to purchase two complete systems. Bolting can be done at the factory or by you once the cabinets are delivered.

On the truck headed toward Robins AFB, GA: Two Titan blast cabinets bolted together.

Custom sealed opening – If two cabinets is overkill, but you’re blasting longer parts that won’t quite fit, a custom opening in the door can work. Because our doors have lift-off hinges, you can use your custom door when you need it versus having it in place all the time.

Turntables – Made to order, Titan turntables improve productivity by letting you easily turn your part to blast all sides. Turntables are fixed or stationary, and most often used in in our larger cabinets.

Workcar – The workcar is added to the turntable in order to move it back and forth inside the blast cabinet – or outside it via a track extension.

Track extension – Ideal for heavy parts that need to be loaded by forklift or heavy crane, the track extension allows you to roll the turntable and workcar out of the cabinet for easy loading and unloading.

Vertical door – Typically used in conjunction with the turntable/workcar/track extension, this custom door slides up and down – a huge time saver. Because standard doors swing open, you have to roll the entire workcar assembly to the cabinet and then remove the track extension to close the door . . . which gets old, fast. The Titan vertical door eliminates this procedure.

A Titan 4848 blast cabinet with remote pressure regulator and photohelic gauge added to the Control Panel.

As with our standard blast cabinet doors, the Titan vertical door is leakproof.

Control panel plates – Titan’s removable control panel plates (see image – right) allow you to easily add other controls, such as a remote pressure regulator or photohelic gauge.

Stainless steel construction – Cross contamination can happen when blasting in a standard carbon steel cabinet; fine particles of steel can be removed during the blasting operation and contaminate the product being blasted.

If cross contamination is an issue, we can construct your blast cabinet using 100% stainless steel. As with our standard carbon steel cabinets, a Titan stainless steel cabinet will not bend, fold, or twist.

To learn more about how a Titan blast cabinet can solve your industrial blasting challenges, visit our Blast Cabinets page.

If you have a question about a customization, complete our brief Contact form.

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  • Brandon Acker: President

    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and founder in 2013. Titan has since redesigned its entire product line to solve dozens of industry challenges.

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    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and Titan founder, Bruce Maurer, in 2013 after spending five years learning the ins and outs of the business. He and VP of Engineering Brian Fox have completely redesigned the entire product line to solve the dozens of challenges that have plagued the blasting industry for decades.

    Brandon is passionate about American manufacturing, the jobs it creates, the quality produced, and the bright future that lies ahead. He’s a frequent guest on manufacturing podcasts where he shares his deep industry expertise. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University.