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Let's Get Blasted
Brandon Acker / 03.26.2019

Working with Titan Abrasive

Here you’ll find answers to questions about working with Titan Abrasive.

I’m not sure if a custom designed blast room or a stock blast room is right for our application. How do I select the right one?

Our stock blast room packages have been designed to suit customers who need a basic blast room without all the bells & whistles or customizations. Our best-selling 10′ x 10′ x 15′ blast room includes everything you need to get up and running at an affordable price.

If you have specific needs, are interested in a recovery floor, have complex parts to blast, require multiple operators, have hazardous conditions, etc., a custom designed blast room may be better suited.

In either case, please feel free to contact our friendly sales team, we would be happy to discuss your application and recommend the best option for your specific needs.

Do you provide other size rooms than what are listed?

Yes, we can fabricate any size enclosure you need. If you can dream it, we can build it. Please feel free to email, call, or complete our online RFQ form.

How long will it take for us to get our blast room or blast cabinet?

Once we receive your order and deposit, your order will go into production. Delivery, depending on what your order entails, can take on average 14 – 16 weeks.

Are your blast rooms difficult to install?

Some of our customers, typically those who purchase our stock blast room packages, perform their own installations. If you do opt to install your own blast room, we highly recommend our startup service, where a technician will come out to check over the installation prior to starting up any equipment. The technician will be onsite for one full day and will check all mechanical and electrical connections, startup and fine tune the system, and will provide operator and maintenance training/tips.

Will a blast room make the rest of our shop dirty?

Blast rooms are designed under negative pressure and typically do not allow any particulates to escape. As long as proper “housekeeping” practices are followed, your Titan blast room will not contaminate the rest of your plant. In fact, many of our customers place their Titan blast room next to their paint booth without any issues.

What type of recovery system do I need?

The recovery system depends on two main factors, the type of blast media being used and the production rate of your operation. Please see our Media Reclaim System page for more detailed information.

Can you provide installation for us?

Yes, absolutely. Please see our Services page for details.

Where do you ship to?

We ship to and offer installation services anywhere in the world.

We have an older Titan Abrasive cabinet that needs some repair and service. Do you still support your older equipment?

Yes, we do. Please see our Services page for details. You can also purchase replacement parts through our online store, or feel free to contact our parts department for help with your part order.

  • Brandon Acker: President

    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and founder in 2013. Titan has since redesigned its entire product line to solve dozens of industry challenges.

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    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and Titan founder, Bruce Maurer, in 2013 after spending five years learning the ins and outs of the business. He and VP of Engineering Brian Fox have completely redesigned the entire product line to solve the dozens of challenges that have plagued the blasting industry for decades.

    Brandon is passionate about American manufacturing, the jobs it creates, the quality produced, and the bright future that lies ahead. He’s a frequent guest on manufacturing podcasts where he shares his deep industry expertise. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University.