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Let's Get Blasted
Brandon Acker / 08.22.2023

Titan Celebrates 70 Years of Abrasive Success


70 years is a long time. My uncle started the company in 1953, in a small shed in the backyard. I call it the “humble beginnings shed.”

By the mid-1960s, Titan was a fast growing company, and my uncle had moved to his first production facility.

I worked for him for several years learning the business, and one thing I realized is that selling through distributors cost a lot of time and money. It’s why, when I took over Titan Abrasive in 2013, I knew I would sell direct — no middleman, no distributors.

The results have proven I was right: Titan experienced 59% growth in revenue in 2021 over 2020 and an astounding 80.9% growth in 2022 over 2021. And since my purchase of the company in 2013, revenue has grown almost 10X. 

But the best part is that no competitor can match the quality or performance of our blast equipment. Our customer list — and the tough blasting challenges we solve — prove it.

I know my uncle would be proud of Titan’s success — including this awesome write up in Finishing and Coating Magazine.

He’d also love hoisting a beer while saying, “Let’s get blasted!” 😀

  • Brandon Acker: President

    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and founder in 2013. Titan has since redesigned its entire product line to solve dozens of industry challenges.

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    Brandon purchased Titan Abrasive from his uncle and Titan founder, Bruce Maurer, in 2013 after spending five years learning the ins and outs of the business. He and VP of Engineering Brian Fox have completely redesigned the entire product line to solve the dozens of challenges that have plagued the blasting industry for decades.

    Brandon is passionate about American manufacturing, the jobs it creates, the quality produced, and the bright future that lies ahead. He’s a frequent guest on manufacturing podcasts where he shares his deep industry expertise. Brandon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Arizona State University.