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Another Titan Blast Cabinet Exclusive: Lifting Bars


Easily move your Titan blast cabinet with our exclusive lifting bars.

When redesigning the Titan blast cabinet, we made notes of all the problems associated with existing blast cabinets on the market. One of the biggies: the difficulty in moving a blast cabinet via forklift without crunching the cone.

Because of their relative portability, blast cabinets get moved to make way for another piece of equipment, to be relocated elsewhere, or because the shop floor needs to be cleaned or repainted.

To move a blast cabinet requires a forklift. No matter how careful the forklift operator, over time the cabinet’s cone gets dinged, crunched – or worse case, run through by the forks. Ouch!

A Titan exclusive, all our blast cabinets feature lifting bars. Manufactured from structural steel, they’re easily attached to the cabinet’s front and back legs (also of structural steel). Once you move the blast cabinet, you detach the bars.


Our lifting bars are yet another way we’re working to make your job easier — as well as save you time and money.

Be sure to view our Blast Cabinet product page to see our other blast cabinet exclusive features — a total of seven in all. It’s why we say the Titan blast cabinet is the last one you’ll ever need to buy.

Brandon Acker, Titan Abrasive

As CEO of Titan Abrasive, Brandon Acker oversees the design and manufacture of the company’s complete line of blast room / blast machine products for industrial applications.

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