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FAQ: “Can I Use a Generic Filter in the Titan Dust Collector?”

Titan Abrasive Dust Collector

A business owner inquiring about the Titan Cartridge Dust Collector wanted to know if he could use generic filters versus the Titan nanofiber filters. He wanted to save money.

First, a little background on dust collector filtration.

Some competitor dust collectors use dust bags, which is an old technology, primarily used with wood and grain dust. Bag filters don’t have nearly as much surface area as pleated filter cartridges. This means a much larger quantity of filters is required — resulting in a much larger collector. They also don’t capture as fine of a particle of dust as filter cartridges (5 microns compared to 0.3 microns).

Titan dust collectors have used filter cartridges for decades. Filter cartridges provide many of the same benefits the engine air filter provides for your vehicle; namely, they efficiently remove the blast media contaminants while providing enhanced performance benefits and longer life for your dust collector.

Filter cartridges are easy to change out — reducing the downtime and mess associated with dust bags.

Generic vs. Titan filter cartridges

When ordering generic dust collector filters from a distributor, you have to determine the correct size, the right material for the abrasive media, end cap styles, etc. All of this means whichever filter you use, it won’t provide the benefits of a Titan filter.

To answer the business owner’s question about using generic filters in a Titan dust collector, technically, yes, you can use them, but be warned, you may be in for a costly headache.

We recently had a customer who decided to try and save money by using generic filters. The filters didn’t fit properly. Due to the poor fit, dust got into the blower and coated the wheel, causing vibration. The result: Destroyed bearings.

The customer ended up having to replace the blower. Needless to say, the small savings on filters went right out the window.

The Titan filter difference: Nanofiber technology

The other drawback to generic filters is what makes ours different: the material. Our filters are comprised of nanofibers 50% smaller than those used by other manufacturers.

Nanofibers are very fine, continuous, resilient fibers that form a permanent web with very small spaces in-between the fibers. This web collects dust, dirt and contaminants on the surface of the filter, rather than deeply embedding them (as with other materials).

Titan dust collector filter cartridge

Titan’s nanofiber cartridge filter.

Titan cartridge filters were custom designed to fit the Titan dust collector, specifically the yolk, the part that holds the filter in place. Plus, like all Titan equipment, they’re Made in the USA.

The result is the most advanced filtration of sub-micron particles and reduced outlet emissions on the market today.

Highest MERV rating

MERV is the U.S. government rating standard that stands for Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values. A MERV rating lets you know the filter’s ability to capture larger particles between 0.3 and 10 microns (µm).

With their MERV 15 rating, Titan’s nanofiber filter cartridges have the highest rating of any dust collector cartridge filter.

And, because they were designed specifically for all Titan dust collectors manufactured after 2015, our nanofiber filters deliver exceptional performance benefits you won’t get with generic filters, including:

  • Reduced energy consumption – Significantly reduced pulsing and stress lower initial pressure drop over the life of the filter
  • Superior surface-loading technology – Improves cleaning efficiency and lowers compressed air usage
  • Longer filter life – Fewer change-outs deliver big cost savings over time

Order Titan replacement filters online

And last but not least, you can easily order Titan filter cartridges from our parts store. No going through a distributor and waiting weeks, only to learn you’ve received the wrong product. If you have a question — simply call or email.

Brandon Acker, Titan Abrasive

As CEO of Titan Abrasive, Brandon Acker oversees the design and manufacture of the company’s complete line of blast room / blast machine products for industrial applications.

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