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Titan Shaves Eight Weeks Off Standard Lead Time for Blast Room Delivery

Titan Abrasive - Customized blast room package

Figure 1: Blast Room enclosure showing full access doors

An industrial manufacturer located in the North East needed our 15’ W x 10’ H x 10’ L blast room package fabricated and shipped to them within four weeks.

While the size of the enclosure was standard, the company wanted the product doors located on the 15’ side versus the 10’ end.

This change meant our standard enclosure was now a custom job. Lead time for this type of job is 10 to 12 weeks, so meeting the four-week turnaround meant we had to scramble!

Design the custom enclosure

The customer requested 15’ W x 10’ H product doors be installed along the 15’ side of the enclosure to allow full access to the blast room (see Figure 1) – a relatively easy design change for our engineering department.

Once the drawing was approved by the customer, the enclosure was sent to production as a rush order.

Our pre-engineered blast room packages come as complete systems. In addition to the enclosure, we also had to fabricate:

  • Vacuum recovery system
  • 6 cu ft. blast machine
  • 6,000 CFM cartridge dust collector with photohelic gauge
  • Control panel

To meet the shortened time frame for the system components, we worked with our vendors – all of whom stepped up to help us meet the deadline (the benefit of years-long relationships based on trust).

System Installation

The customer wanted to handle the installation themselves. Normally we recommend having our factory installation team install systems to ensure everything is done to code, specification, etc. (See our Tech Tip, Preparing for a Blast Room Installation).

However, this particular blast room system wasn’t complicated, and we could tell from conversations that the customer was more than capable of installing the system.

As part of our service, and standard with all systems we deliver (no matter who does the installation), our engineering department provided exploded-view installation drawings and a recommended layout drawing for optimal performance. We also provided instruction manuals.

Ready to ship!

While the blast room enclosure was being fabricated, we built the various components of the system. In Figure 2, you can see the Titan dust collector and blast machine, plus various other pieces wrapped and ready to go.

Titan Blast Room components

Figure 2: Blast room system pieces ready for shipping

We confirmed shipping logistics with one of our trucking partners. A flatbed tractor-trailer arrived on a weekday morning. The crated and wrapped pieces were carefully loaded onto the trailer, strapped down for the journey, and covered with a tarp for protection from the elements, road debris, etc.

Titan Blast Room components

Blast room system on the truck

The entire blast room system was delivered to the customer without mishap – meeting their four-week turnaround deadline.

We eliminate the middleman and sell direct to you

One reason we could meet this short lead time is because the customer was able to call us directly versus having to deal with a distributor before getting a quote.

The customer also worked directly with our engineering team to customize the blast room enclosure. Without a distributor in the middle, we could quickly answer questions and provide a drawing – as well as offer installation recommendations – without the associated miscommunications and delays.

This efficiency is one way we keep costs low and pass the savings – and shorter lead times – on to you.

Brandon Acker, Titan Abrasive

As CEO of Titan Abrasive, Brandon Acker oversees the design and manufacture of the company’s complete line of blast room / blast machine products for industrial applications.

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