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Vacuum Reclaim Systems

For Lighter Media or Low-Production Applications 

An economical alternative to mechanical recovery systems, Titan’s Vacuum Reclaim Systems are easy to install and do not require any concrete work. 

The media is swept or shoveled into a floor trough, typically placed at the rear of the blast room, then vacuumed up, cleaned and returned to the blast pot. The system cleans recyclable abrasives, through the use of a cyclone separator, and returns the clean, good media back to the blast machine, while dust, dirt and debris are carried to the dust collector.

Also known as pneumatic recovery systems, Titan Vacuum Reclaim Systems work best with lighter abrasives such as glass bead, aluminum oxide, garnet or plastic. If you’re using steel grit or steel shot, or speed is a concern, you may want to consider using a Titan Mechanical Media Reclaim System.

Key Benefits

  • Easily clean and recycle media
  • Choose with or without dust collector
  • Ideal for lighter abrasives
  • Pit not required
  • Made in the USA

Choose a Model

  • Titan Abrasive vacuum media reclaim system

    Vacuum Reclaim System with Dust Collector

    Payments $509 per month
  • Vacuum Reclaim System without Dust Collector

    Payments $270 per month

What’s Included with Each Model


  • 6 cu ft media blaster with remote control system
  • 6 cu ft media storage hopper
  • Cyclone separator
  • Sweep-in floor hopper
  • 50’ Media Blast hose with couplings
  • Blast Nozzle
  • All necessary connecting hoses

Optional Add-Ons

  • Vacuum Reclaim System without Dust Collector can be tied into main dust collection system, please verify with Titan.
  • Replaceable Wear Band – Rubber-lined external band covers main wear points.
  • Rubber Lined Cyclone – Internal lining for aggressive media increases reclaimer life up to 10 times.