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Blast Room Enclosures

Designed to comply with all Federal, OSHA, and NFPA regulations

The blast room enclosure contains the abrasive media and abrasive dust, which allows the media to be cleaned and reused while also protecting the people and equipment located outside the enclosure.

Titan blast enclosures are manufactured in the US of 14-gauge galvanized steel panels. Panels are pre-punched and companion flanged for easy bolt-together assembly.

12’x10’x12’ Titan blast enclosure with swing-type doors and dust collector.

Standard features

Each Titan blast enclosure incorporates an I-beam support structure for the maximum durability and safety. Other standard components include:

  • NEW! LED lighting for energy savings. Available June 1, 2020, all Titan blast rooms will come standard with rear access, six tube, 48-inch LED blast lights with a Lexan polycarbonate lens.
  • Baffled air inlet louvers
  • Blast shields for intake and exhaust vents to prevent media from exiting the enclosure
  • Automatic door limit switches which stop the blasting operation when booth doors are opened
  • Swing-type or bi-fold doors
  • Personnel door

Optional features

Upgrade the standard Titan enclosure with these optional features.

  • 11-gauge galvanized steel panels for heavy-duty applications
  • White rubber lining to protect walls, reduce noise, and provide a brighter work environment
  • Rubber roll-up doors
  • Crane openings
  • Pass-through doors (doors on both ends of the enclosure)
  • 3-axis man lifts

All Titan blast room enclosures are custom engineered to your location, ceiling height, access, etc. View our Preparing for a Titan Blast Room Installation for additional details on how we work with you to create an engineered floor layout.