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Blast Rooms with Pneumatic (Vacuum) Reclaim Systems

For use with lighter abrasives such as glass bead or aluminum oxide

Titan grit blast rooms with pneumatic (or vacuum) reclaim systems are an economical alternative to full-floor recovery systems. This media reclaim system automatically cleans recyclable abrasives through use of a cyclone separator and returns clean, good media, back to the media blaster.

Blast operators blast until significant media builds up on the floor of the blast room and then simply sweep the media into the recovery system using brooms, shovels, compressed air or even a skid steer.

The blasting media is then vacuumed up, cleaned and returned to the blast pot.

Sweep-in or pneumatic recovery systems rely on the use of cyclone separators and work best with lighter abrasives such as, glass bead, aluminum oxide, garnet or plastic.

Set up is fast and can be done in-house as a pit isn’t required. We also offer turnkey installation services.

Titan Blast Rooms with Pneumatic Reclaim Systems come complete with:

Blast room enclosure

Blast machine

Cyclone Separator

Media storage hopper

Floor recovery trough

Cartridge dust collector