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Blast Rooms with Mechanical Reclaim Systems

For use with steel grit or steel shot media

Our Abrasive Mechanical Reclaim Systems (also known as bucket elevator recovery systems) can be configured with one or two blast machines, or as a stand-alone unit to use with your existing blast machine.

Titan bucket elevators can process up to 200 cubic feet per hour of dense and coarse media, such as steel grit and steel shot. Our hopper and bucket elevator recovery systems can be flush mounted for easy loading by placing the bucket elevator and hopper in a small pit.

If a high water table is a concern, the system can also be wall-mounted and shovel fed. The addition of a screw conveyor or auger to replace the hopper is available as an option.

Pit installation for these systems is recommended. Turnkey installation services available.

Titan Blast Rooms with Mechanical Reclaim Systems come complete with:

Blast room enclosure

Bucket elevator

Air-wash abrasive cleaner

Vibrating screen

Blast machine

Media storage hopper

Cartridge dust collector