Media Mentions

Product Finishing / 05.17.2022

On the Line podcast: Blasting Best Practices

Product Finishing Editor in Chief Scott Francis talks to Titan Abrasive President Brandon Acker about surface preparation and the role of abrasive blasting. Lots of great info here in this 20 minute discussion.

Tech Company News / 03.17.2022

Titan Abrasive Designs and Manufactures Quality Surface Preparation, Surface Finishing, and Sandblasting Equipment at an Affordable Price

Tech Company News editor interviews Titan Abrasive President Brandon Acker. In this interview, they discuss what makes Titan Abrasive different and other information you may not know.

FF Journal / 02.09.2022

Titan Adds Lifting Bars to Blast Cabinet

Quite often, a blast cabinet has to be moved to a different part of a plant or facility using a forklift. The problem? Due to the flimsy sheet metal used to construct the legs on most blast cabinets, they are extremely susceptible to forklift damage, whether it’s bent legs, crushed cones, or general destruction.

Foundry Management & Technology / 02.14.2022

Blast Cabinet with Integrated Lifting Bars

New Products Feature: Lifting bars make it possible for a forklift to gain a firm hold, keeping the tines away from the cone, and minimize the chance of damage to a cabinet’s steel frame during moving or positioning.

New Products for Engineers / 02.09.2022

Blast Cabinet with Handling Bars

With the addition of the company’s exclusive new lifting bars, the chances of forklift damage to the cabinet is virtually eliminated.

Products Finishing / 02.09.2022

Updated Blast Cabinet Designed to Eliminate Forklift Damage

Titan Abrasive Systems’ blast cabinet features new lifting bars that are slid into the structural steel frame before lifting the cabinet, which gives the forklift a secure hold and keeps the tines away from the vulnerable cone. — Chris Pasion, Asst. Editor

Enterprise Podcast Network / 02.08.2022

Titan Abrasive is Having a Blast

Producer Eric Dye interviews CEO Brandon Acker about blasting equipment, the markets that use abrasive blast equipment, and how Titan competes in “the land of the giants.”